Scripture art and children’s books

I am painting spring time with acrylic on canvas and children’s wall murals. Scripture art to help you memorize your favorite bible verses. Here are some wonderful children’s books about characters of the bible and their animal side kicks. Animal adventures you will enjoy reading to young children at bedtime. Order from my Etsy site Carol Dabney online store, or on private message me on Facebook. Make a special order.

Two storybooks and Cd music with audiobooks and music $30.

Scripture art sample. I can make your favorite verse with flowers and butterfly.


Spring paintings and Books

Spring colors. I love them! Children’s storybook, music and room murals of bunnies and spring flowers.

Butterfly Dreams, A Friendship Takes Flight a storybook for ages 2-11. Published by Et Alia Press. to order. Also available on Amazon and on my Etsy site Carol Dabney online store.

Painting of bunny hiding in the tulips is a very large canvas created with acrylic paints.

More paintings, books and music available at at my online store Carol Dabney.

Spring flower painting on canvas.

Have a wonderful blessed spring time.

-Carol Dabney

Butterfly Art

I’ve been painting lots of butterfly paintings this year. I noticed the children like to look at the big visuals while I am reading my newest storybook “Butterfly Dreams, A Friendship Takes Flight”

Most often lately someone will buy the paintings on the spot. I love that. Also my paintings have become larger.

Children’s Storybook “Butterfly Dreams, A Friendship Takes Flight.” for children ages 3-12. Available through

My Youtube channel is fun for kids to watch Carol Dabney DabOhana. Stories and Songs. Please subscribe and share.

Storybooks are great gifts for birthdays or Christmas. There are also audiobooks with original songs for the stories. Request details by emailing

My scripture art has been a big hit. I will custom your butterfly art with your favorite verse.

My students have a lot of fun with this story about an elephant family that is following God through Africa all the way to Noah’s Ark. Audiobook and music available through Amazon or emailing me.

Christmas Stories and Songs is our latest audiobook and in time for Christmas deliveries. 4 stories and songs.

Do you like to golf. Here is a fun story for kids.

Meet the authors Carol Dabney and Rod Ragsdale. see us on our YouTube channel DabOhana.

Butterfly art

Bigger Butterfly paintings

The Happy Pumpkin Story and Song is good for Halloween, Harvest and Thanksgiving.

Music for kids by the authors

Thanks you all for your continued support in our stories and songs. -Have a blessed Thanksgiving.

Being Creative during Covid Pandemic

Its important for teachers to be creative for their students during the Corona-virus pandemic. Wearing a mask all day has been a challenge. My thoughts about wearing them are that doctors and nurses wear them because it keeps them and their patients safe. If they can do this, so can I as a teacher. Do I like wearing a mask? No, not at all. But in fact because I am a music teacher I not only wear a cloth mask, but also a face shield. It makes me feel trapped. It’s hard to breath and talk and sing. I do so hoping that this has helped me stay healthy and safe so I can continue doing what I love, which is teaching children. I think its working.

I am among the more fortunate ones during this Covid crisis, in that the school where I work has been completely operational since September with only a few interruptions. I think we are having success because we can keep our classes small, to about ten students per classroom. We keep our classes separated for the most part all day. We play outside whenever possible. Our students do not wear masks, however our all teachers do. We also have spray sanitizers we use every day.

In my music room I have a box of instruments for each class so no one touches another classes items. Then they are sprayed at the end of each day so another class can use. I prepare music that some can use tambourines and drums or ukuleles, maracas and bells.

When it comes to teaching music to children you have to be highly creative to hold their interest. I utilize puppets that tell stories to introduce new songs. I think the children enjoy looking at colorful paintings while they are learning the words and meanings to other music. Of course they always like marching with flags while singing our patriotic numbers or wearing butterfly wings while dancing.

Me wearing a mask and a face shield at my school. My sister, who is a military nurse made a dozen different masks for me. This one is because I wrote a children’s storybook called “Butterfly Dreams, a Friendship Takes Flight” it is published by Et Alia Press if you want to take a look at my children’s story and art.

When the pandemic first happened, all school shut down. March 12 is a day I will always remember. I was at the Children’s library in Little Rock and my publisher Erin Wood and I were there going over what was going to be a big author and book release party to happen in April. I was so excited. I had written several books before, but this one was special because I now had a publisher and this book showed off my art and the editing was wonderful. But as you know the world shut down. The big readings at libraries and bookstores would have to be put all hold.

We had to once again be creative. So we turned to multimedia. I starting reading my story to libraries online through Zoom, Facetime and Youtube. I created my own Youtube channel and started singing and reading lots of my stories. You can find me at Dabohana on Youtube. All summer long along with my music partner Rod Ragsdale we stay home in our little apt and made lots of videos for children on Youtube. We used themed shower curtains as backdrops and made out own little video production studio. Check out the fun.

I had tea parties zoomed to my grandchildren and small children’s groups.

Rod and I had a blast. We hope you will go to our Dabohana Youtube and subscribe. Share and little little ones watch our fun music videos.

Story time with bible values
puppets and songs and imaginary trips to Hawaii
Farm animal songs and real trips out in the country
Sharing my art from my balcony in the summer.
In the winter I even started teaching beginner piano from my room. Virtual Piano lessons are not easy, but we found a way.
Rod and I Serenading on the balcony
Having fun during a time of isolation and sharing music, art and stories helped keep us sane during the Coriv-19 pandemic. We also hoped that we entertained a few families along the way.

Stay safe. Be creative. Love from our little place to yours. -Rod and Carol

Ruthy’s Reading Room presents a Christmas Tail on YouTube

Ruthy’s reading Room on Youtube is a favorite with children, as she presents stories from children’s authors from around the world with whimsical visual additions to each story. Subscribe to her channel on Youtube and you’ll be notified of story times so you and your children can enjoy all of Ruthy’s storytime adventures. I’m so honored that she has chosen a second book that I have written during the 2020 Christmas season. So sit back and enjoy “Twas The Mouse Before Christmas” a Christmas Tail written by Carol Dabney and presented by Ruthy’s Reading Room.

You may want to read along with your own book found on Amazon, which will give you the English and Spanish versions of the book in one, along with a great chocolate cookie recipe to bake with Harold, the mouse.

available on Amazon books and music

Thank you for your support. Merry Christmas -Carol Dabney

dabohana on Youtube

Children’s Books for Christmas

Children learn so much at a young age when they are read to. It opens up a whole new world that is beyond what they see every day. It dives into their unrealized imaginations and gives them ideas of where they can begin to discover who they are and what dreams they might have in the future.

A book is one of the most single greatest gifts you can give a child. Reading to them is the second best. Time together, turning the pages, looking at the illustrations and learning what this story has to give.

As a children’s author, I hope to give my early learners adventurous information in a variety of entertaining ways. I want to give them a lesson of value as they explore what merely seems like a fun adventure.

Some of my short stories are in poetic form because I am also a composer. I started with ‘Twas the Mouse Before Christmas’ in 2013. I had a little Christmas mouse who wanted to give by baking cookies for Santa. In the story Herald is a busy little mouse working very hard to make Christmas wonderful for everyone around him. You’ll find a great cookie recipe in this book and a suggestion to bake on Christmas Eve, set the cookies out for Santa and go to bed early.

“The Christmas Animals Used by God” is an interactive poetic story of Mary and Joseph’s journey to Bethlehem. It is a fun biblical account where children get to walk along with the Donkey, and knock at the inn keepers door and make the sound of the animals in the manger as they greet the newborn baby Jesus. Many of these stories are also translated into Spanish by my sister Cindy Dabney Reyes.

All these stories are found on Amazon

My newest story was launch in April of 2020, during Covid-19 , which means it has not had a chance to be presented personally, YET! but it is a wonderful story of friendship and encouragement through difficult times. You can get “Butterfly Dreams, A Friendship Takes Flight” from local Little Rock publisher Erin Wood by going to

Thank you for supporting me, local author and teacher . I look forward to a time to present story time in person, until then, please find me singing and reading for children on my YouTube channel dabohana.

Ruthy’s Reading Room

Hey Kids! Ruthy’s Reading Room will be making a special children’s story time presentation about “BUTTERFLY DREAMS, A Friendship Takes Flight” by author/illustrator Carol Dabney beginning Sunday August 30, 2020 on YouTube. Share and Subscribe and that way you are sure to get the notifications whenever children’s stories are read online at Ruthy’s Reading Room. Ruthy’s Reading Room is a popular and very special program produced in Canada.

Butterfly Dreams is a children’s story about friendship and the amazing monarch butterflies. You may purchase a copy by contacting publisher Erin Wood at

you can receive a signed copy and have an option to purchase the song “Butterflies and Honeybees”

or you can purchase on Amazon

When you purchase a local author or artist work, you make it possible for them to continue creating and producing stories, music and educational entertainment for a whole new generation to enjoy.

I am a music teacher and love to watch how children react to hearing my stories and songs. During Covid-19 we are doing programs on YouTube and Zoom. I look forward to the day when we can meet at the libraries, and school assemblies for fun reading programs.

Thank you so much for all who have added my children’s stories to your home libraries.

Hear songs with puppets by going to Youtube at DabOhana Carol Dabney. A little 2 minute introduction by the author…

-Carol Dabney

writing new music for kids part 2

Carol Dabney teacher, musician, author

…is composing new music for children to enjoy and learn from. Her music videos can be seen on YouTube at Dabohana. Share and Subscribe.

Story behind the song, “You’re My Friend” was just one of the songs written to accompany her newest storybook “Butterfly Dreams, A Friendship takes Flight” published by Et Alia Press. The story is about friendship and encouragement. Helping a friend believe in their dreams through difficult times.

Carol is a preschool music teacher that always wants to nurture friendships among her students. The meaning of friendship. How to cherish the value of friendship. How to be a friend. How to encourage a friend even if they are very different, (such as in her storybook.)

Butterfly Dreams, A friendship Takes Flight – A bedtime story for young children is available on Amazon, or look for discounts by going to

Raised on a farm in Arkansas… is a music teacher at Saint Mark’s Episcopal Day School in Little Rock.

You’re my Friend

“I’m so glad you’re my friend. Call you on the phone anytime to talk. Let’s go fishing or just take a walk. I’m so glad you’re my friend. I’m so glad you’re my friend. You push me on the swing so I can reach the ski. Always by my side when something makes me cry. I’m so glad you’re my friend. “

One of the watercolor illustrations used in her storybook, Butterfly Dreams, A Friendship Takes Flight. Watercolor artwork by Carol Dabney

Carol is Face-timing with grandchildren and Zooming with students having tea time sing along songs and storytime. Staying connected and building the bonds of friendship even while the Coronavirus Pandemic has us sheltering at home.

Anyone can hear the stories and songs anytime on her YouTube channel on dabohana

Tea Time story and song with Miss Carol
Butterflies and Honeybees song
Storybook Butterfly Dreams, A Friendship Takes Flight
Butterfly Dreams

We all have dreams, but what if they are too big?

After Lily-Jane helps her grandmother build a butterfly habitat, a close look at a caterpillar’s spots sends her stumbling in disbelief. “Me llamo Carlos,” says the charming little caterpillar, and an extraordinary friendship is born. But when Carlos becomes trapped in his chrysalis, his dream of wings seems more out of reach than ever before.

As readers discover the tremendous power of encouraging words to nurture a friend past paralyzing self-doubt even when it means letting them go to fulfill their destiny, Carlos learns whether friendship and faith are enough to help him soar on the wings of a dream that may be just the right size.


Butterfly Dreams is ideal for classroom readings as students await butterflies emerging from their chrysalises as well as celebrations on the big day when butterflies are released into the sky to migrate south. It is also the perfect gift for coming of age, when a friend moves away, or any time someone needs an extra nudge of encouragement to dream big.

Grandsons Aaron and Benny enjoy the story at bedtime.
YouTube Carol Dabney Dabohana

Thank you for your support. Your support is needed. If you enjoy educational entertainment for your young children, Please be sure and share the dabohana channel with you’re friends and subscribe.

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May you be blessed with friendship.

writing new music for kids

Carol Dabney, teacher, musician, author

Carol Dabney, music teacher, composing new music for children to enjoy and make learning fun. Music videos on her Dabohana channel on YouTube.

Story behind the song, “Good Morning in Poland” was written after the Coronavirus Pandemic suddenly had everyone sheltering at home. Carol’s four year old granddaughter was no longer going to preschool, and like so many others was home looking at mom and dad for her education and entertainment. Carol’s son, Chris thought it might be fun for grandma to have some Facetime visits with his daughter, LilyBelle. Carol, a preschool teacher, now without a classroom also thought naturally it was a great idea to stay connected with all her grandchildren as well as students. But she would start with LilyBelle, who happened to be is bilingual because her mother Ania is from Poland. Together they thought its time to teach grandma some Polish as well. Music would be a great way to do that, so Carol learned how to say good morning and I love you and put together a song for her granddaughter, “Good Morning in Poland” and that’s how the song came about.

Now LilyBelle and grandma Carol meet regularly to have tea time on Facetime where they sing and read stories. They both dress up in their finest outfits and bonnets or bows and gather stuffed animals aound small tables and really have tea.

Carol uploaded her song on her Dabohana YouTube channel so her students could learn this fun good morning song.

Chris then puts grandma on the big screen for added effect. Such a cool idea. Grandma bigger than life, what fun. Happy tea time!

Carol is also a children’s author and her newest storybook “Butterfly Dreams, A Friendship Takes Flight” can be purchased on Amazon, or if you want to music “Butterflies and Honeybees” to go along with the song you need to contact Publisher Erin Wood at

Thank you for your support. If you enjoy educational entertainment then this is the channel for your family. Please share and subscribe to dabohana on youtube.

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The pandemic hit just as the book was published and that was a rough start. The book launch at the children’s library had to canceled and many other planned reading presentations. However, we came up with the Coronavirus Singing Solutions for Kids and we meet with groups of kids and Zoom a story time. Looking forward to a time when we can put on all our butterfly wings and meet in person, but until then you can hear the story read by the author on YouTube.

So like the story says just keep believing in big dreams, encourage a friend and look for miracles. Thank you for your support.

June 2020

Serenading from the Balcony

Carol Dabney and Rod Ragsdale are singing from their apartment balcony and uploading to their Dabohana YouTube channel and Facebook in order to stay connected to the dozens of senior communities they used to sing for each afternoon. Before the Coronavirus Pandemic brought it all to a halt, you could find them singing across the state of Arkansas entertaining with music and stories. Usually in Central Arkansas, but some days traveling to Star City, Camden and Hot Springs, and had plans to continue expanding up to Madison County this summer.

If you know someone in a nursing home who has a commuter and loves music that will takes them down memory lane, have them subscribe to Dabohana YouTube for a new song every day. Hopefully we will get to meet them in person for a live performance soon. Carol and Rod enjoy singing a variety show which includes the roaring twenties, country, folk, show tunes, gospel and patriotic.

If you are a senior community director looking for a way to Zoom a live show, It can happen. Contact by email at

Serenading on the balcony with Rod and Carol. #SingingForSeniors #CoronavirusSingingSolutions #SerenadingFor Seniors #MemoryLane #Music #FamilyMusic

If you enjoy our music please share and subscribe on YouTube. Thank you for your support.

Carol and Rod are both children’s authors. You can find their storybooks on Amazon.

Carol’s newest story “Butterfly Dreams, A Friendship Takes Flight” can be found at for extra special deals right now, check out the details.

Carol and Rod also have music videos for children on their DabohanaYoutube channel. Hope you will share with families.

Carol is a music teacher who is staying connected with her students with music, tea time stories and puppets.

Thank you for stopping in -Carol and Rod

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