writing new music for kids

Carol Dabney, teacher, musician, author

Carol Dabney, music teacher, composing new music for children to enjoy and make learning fun. Music videos on her Dabohana channel on YouTube.

Story behind the song, “Good Morning in Poland” was written after the Coronavirus Pandemic suddenly had everyone sheltering at home. Carol’s four year old granddaughter was no longer going to preschool, and like so many others was home looking at mom and dad for her education and entertainment. Carol’s son, Chris thought it might be fun for grandma to have some Facetime visits with his daughter, LilyBelle. Carol, a preschool teacher, now without a classroom also thought naturally it was a great idea to stay connected with all her grandchildren as well as students. But she would start with LilyBelle, who happened to be is bilingual because her mother Ania is from Poland. Together they thought its time to teach grandma some Polish as well. Music would be a great way to do that, so Carol learned how to say good morning and I love you and put together a song for her granddaughter, “Good Morning in Poland” and that’s how the song came about.

Now LilyBelle and grandma Carol meet regularly to have tea time on Facetime where they sing and read stories. They both dress up in their finest outfits and bonnets or bows and gather stuffed animals aound small tables and really have tea.

Carol uploaded her song on her Dabohana YouTube channel so her students could learn this fun good morning song.

Chris then puts grandma on the big screen for added effect. Such a cool idea. Grandma bigger than life, what fun. Happy tea time!

Carol is also a children’s author and her newest storybook “Butterfly Dreams, A Friendship Takes Flight” can be purchased on Amazon, or if you want to music “Butterflies and Honeybees” to go along with the song you need to contact Publisher Erin Wood at etaliapress.com

Thank you for your support. If you enjoy educational entertainment then this is the channel for your family. Please share and subscribe to dabohana on youtube.

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The pandemic hit just as the book was published and that was a rough start. The book launch at the children’s library had to canceled and many other planned reading presentations. However, we came up with the Coronavirus Singing Solutions for Kids and we meet with groups of kids and Zoom a story time. Looking forward to a time when we can put on all our butterfly wings and meet in person, but until then you can hear the story read by the author on YouTube.

So like the story says just keep believing in big dreams, encourage a friend and look for miracles. Thank you for your support.

June 2020


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