Butterfly Art

I’ve been painting lots of butterfly paintings this year. I noticed the children like to look at the big visuals while I am reading my newest storybook “Butterfly Dreams, A Friendship Takes Flight” etaliapress.com

Most often lately someone will buy the paintings on the spot. I love that. Also my paintings have become larger.

Children’s Storybook “Butterfly Dreams, A Friendship Takes Flight.” for children ages 3-12. Available through etaliapress.com

My Youtube channel is fun for kids to watch Carol Dabney DabOhana. Stories and Songs. Please subscribe and share.

Storybooks are great gifts for birthdays or Christmas. There are also audiobooks with original songs for the stories. Request details by emailing carol.dabney@yahoo.com

My scripture art has been a big hit. I will custom your butterfly art with your favorite verse.

My students have a lot of fun with this story about an elephant family that is following God through Africa all the way to Noah’s Ark. Audiobook and music available through Amazon or emailing me.

Christmas Stories and Songs is our latest audiobook and in time for Christmas deliveries. 4 stories and songs.

Do you like to golf. Here is a fun story for kids.

Meet the authors Carol Dabney and Rod Ragsdale. see us on our YouTube channel DabOhana.

Butterfly art

Bigger Butterfly paintings

The Happy Pumpkin Story and Song is good for Halloween, Harvest and Thanksgiving.

Music for kids by the authors

Thanks you all for your continued support in our stories and songs. -Have a blessed Thanksgiving.


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