Paradise Memories song by Carol Dabney

Paradise Memories music composed and recorded by Carol Dabney at Paradise Records in Honolulu Hawaii.
Beautiful Hawaiian Island photos by various photographers.
Arranger/conductor Alwyn Erub
Engineer Randy Sugata at RKS Studios in Hilo, Hawaii
Producer Tom Moffatt
A R agent/marketing George Chun


Music Video “You Are The One I Love” by Carol Dabney

Music video (only a portion of song) “You Are The One I Love” composed and recorded by Carol Dabney. Photos set to music on youTube. Sending out a Happy Valentines to all! Especially to my grown children-Aloha Carol Dabney.
Recorded on the Big Island of Hawaii at RKS Studios Randy Sugata (engineer) Alwyn Erub (arranger) on the Picture of You Cd Album copyrights 1998.
Pictures taken in California and Poland; and the beautiful bride in the video is now my daughter in law.

I always love to go into the studio and record music. I especially like to see something new unfold. I hand over some words on a piece of paper and hum a melody to my very gifted arranger Alwyn Erub and puff like magic the music comes alive. On this song engineer Randy Sugata decided to try out his new voice machine as the back-up voices. I sang the musical line and this machine matches and harmonizes with you (well sort of.) Not sure this was the best way to do this, but the lead voice is all mine and the words are for those of you who are in love. “You are the one I love. You are the one I need. We go together like the river to the sea. Just know forever its you and me.”

Waimea Bay has a waterfall you hike back into and its really cold, but amazingly awesome to swim under. The falls is on a mountain and the river flows downstream all the way to the Pacific Ocean to North Shore where the fresh river water meets the huge pounding ocean sea water (this is where some of the greatest surfing happings in Oahu.) The fresh and salt water mix and there is no separating them after they have found each other.

The river must flow to the sea, like those in love must be together. Its just the way of love isn’t it? aw……Isn’t it romantic! Happy Valentines to all.