writing new music for kids part 2

Carol Dabney teacher, musician, author

…is composing new music for children to enjoy and learn from. Her music videos can be seen on YouTube at Dabohana. Share and Subscribe.

Story behind the song, “You’re My Friend” was just one of the songs written to accompany her newest storybook “Butterfly Dreams, A Friendship takes Flight” published by Et Alia Press. The story is about friendship and encouragement. Helping a friend believe in their dreams through difficult times.

Carol is a preschool music teacher that always wants to nurture friendships among her students. The meaning of friendship. How to cherish the value of friendship. How to be a friend. How to encourage a friend even if they are very different, (such as in her storybook.)

Butterfly Dreams, A friendship Takes Flight – A bedtime story for young children is available on Amazon, or look for discounts by going to https://www.etaliapress.com/authors#/carol-dabney/

Raised on a farm in Arkansas… is a music teacher at Saint Mark’s Episcopal Day School in Little Rock.

You’re my Friend

“I’m so glad you’re my friend. Call you on the phone anytime to talk. Let’s go fishing or just take a walk. I’m so glad you’re my friend. I’m so glad you’re my friend. You push me on the swing so I can reach the ski. Always by my side when something makes me cry. I’m so glad you’re my friend. “

One of the watercolor illustrations used in her storybook, Butterfly Dreams, A Friendship Takes Flight. Watercolor artwork by Carol Dabney

Carol is Face-timing with grandchildren and Zooming with students having tea time sing along songs and storytime. Staying connected and building the bonds of friendship even while the Coronavirus Pandemic has us sheltering at home.

Anyone can hear the stories and songs anytime on her YouTube channel on dabohana https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCDluLLAyEJVzyrsCelEjvDw

Tea Time story and song with Miss Carol
Butterflies and Honeybees song
Storybook Butterfly Dreams, A Friendship Takes Flight
Butterfly Dreams

We all have dreams, but what if they are too big?

After Lily-Jane helps her grandmother build a butterfly habitat, a close look at a caterpillar’s spots sends her stumbling in disbelief. “Me llamo Carlos,” says the charming little caterpillar, and an extraordinary friendship is born. But when Carlos becomes trapped in his chrysalis, his dream of wings seems more out of reach than ever before.

As readers discover the tremendous power of encouraging words to nurture a friend past paralyzing self-doubt even when it means letting them go to fulfill their destiny, Carlos learns whether friendship and faith are enough to help him soar on the wings of a dream that may be just the right size.


Butterfly Dreams is ideal for classroom readings as students await butterflies emerging from their chrysalises as well as celebrations on the big day when butterflies are released into the sky to migrate south. It is also the perfect gift for coming of age, when a friend moves away, or any time someone needs an extra nudge of encouragement to dream big.

Grandsons Aaron and Benny enjoy the story at bedtime.
YouTube Carol Dabney Dabohana

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May you be blessed with friendship.


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