Artwork and storybooks by Carol Dabney

Giving artwork examples in this blog.

The Animals Used by God Series 2013-2018 -by authors Everett O. Martindale and Carol Dabney. Illustrator Carol Dabney.



The Adventures of Andrew on the Golf Course series by Rod Ragsdale 2015-2018 – Illustrated by Carol Dabney.




Arkansas Cotton artwork displayed at the Agricultural Plantation Museum in Scott, Aransas 2017-2918.




Samples of my artwork. I have illustrated for five other children’s author’s in Arkansas and one out of state.

I am sharing artwork samples because I have had some request from a couple of authors to see my artwork.

I have had lots of fun since I started writing in 2010. Cindy Reyes, my sister in law joined me along the way in 2013 and writes the Spanish translation for many of my books. Rod Ragsdale joined me in 2014 helping me compose songs for several stories. Together all three of us read at libraries, churches and schools. We also started producing audiobooks for kids to listen to our stories and songs in their cars.

Ok so that some of my art… I’ll share some later. I look forward to being a speaker at this year’s Arkansas Writer’s Conference in North Little Rock. Thank you all for letting me share. check out my books and music cds on amazon. Thanks for your support.


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