Children’s Book Series for Sunday School Teachers

The Animals Used By God Series are animal parables filled with stories that we all know and love but with a twist. The animal kingdom has a special part of God’s mission. Prince the Lion is a lion who wants to be used by God, but becomes discouraged after being threw into a dark den. He wonders how can God use him in this dark and lonely place. Sometimes we don’t see anyway out of our circumstances, but God sees us all the time. With God nothing is impossible. It doesn’t matter who we are or where we are, God can make a way. Just when Prince almost gives up hope, he meets Daniel.

Animals used by God trio

Books The Animals Used by Good series by Everett O. Martindale and Carol Dabney

Pablo, the Donkey is bullied by other animals. He can not run as fast as the horses, he is not tall like the camels, he doesn’t have beautiful coats of fur like the sheep, he does not give milk like the cow, or eggs like the chickens, yet he is made just right for what God will need him for, and Pablo learns that not once, but twice in history he is used to carry the Lord of Lord’s, Jesus.



Pablo helps a friend

Pablo the Donkey Used by God is written in English and Spanish.

Spanish translation by Cindy Dabney Reyes. The story is read at stores and Sunday school classes.


Knowledge Tree April

Reading in English and Spanish with Cindy Reyes at the Knowledge Tree

Authors sign April books 085

creator attorney Everett O. Martindale and co-author illustrator Carol Dabney display some of their books about the animals used by God. Prince the Lion – which is about Daniel; Wisdom, the Elephant – about Noah and following God; Pablo, the Donkey- about being bullied and the life of Jesus; Lilly, the Lamb-about David and childlike faith; Racer, the Horse- which is about Gideon and fear, Polly, the Piglet-which is about the prodigal son and family. There is also Wanda, the Whale-about Jonah and disobedience; and Roger, the Raven- which is also about Noah and developing skills for mission work.

November paintings 014

Wisdom is a little girl elephant that wants to follow God

Sweet books for children grades 1-4. ages 5-10 are best.

Gideon part 1 008

Prince and Daniel

Prince meets Daniel in the Lion’s den

A time to BELIEVEPinnacle Mountain March 045Pinnacle Mountain March 042

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