Music Video by Carol Dabney

My Heart is Your Home is a musical CD album set to wedding pictures on YouTube (a portion of the song is here)
composed and recorded by Carol Dabney with duet singer Ku’ulei Ahuna in the Hawaiian Islands
arranger Alwyn Erub with Tom Moffatt Productions, Honolulu Hawaii.

This love song was in the making for a decade. I started writing some of the chorus in Arkansas in the 80’s and would pull it out from time to time to add more words and music. Even changing a few words and the male vocalist after we stepped into the recording studio. Ku’uleu did a wonderful job with his powerful male vocals and I am glad we did this project together. What a dear sweet Hawaiian man. The guys in the studio were so fun: Randy Sugata (Engineer), Clayton Mau (lead guitarist), Alwyn Erub (arranger) Then this song became the title and lead song for the album, which musical reviewers found confusing, since it was an album of all originals introducing two new female singer-song writers: myself and alto Margie Perez. We had one other male/female duet on the album “Secret Place” with noted male singer Kaulana Pekele of Ehukai, and that is the song that took off on the album. It was also a love song which some say sounded like it should have been a Disney movie soundtrack. Well even though it didn’t get to Hollywood, it did do quite well locally, playing on radio rotation about every 3 hours. A & R agent George Chun gets all the credit for making that happen. 1997 was a fun year for hearing my songs play on the radio. And who knows maybe “My Heart is Your Home” is being used as that special wedding song for other couples in love, I sure hope so. I have been asked to sing it many times but was very very honored when my own son John asked me to sing it at his wedding in 2008. If you like the song and want to use it at your wedding, I have it at my online shop at and

“I prayed God would lead me to the one he made for me is you. Feel the beating of my heart, never again to be apart, my heart is your home” -Carol Dabney

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