Adventures of Noah story book series

I love photojournalism. In The Adventures of Noah, his fortunate travels gives us amazing opportunities to photograph beautiful animals, landscapes, and oceans. Then we get to weave our photograph into a story that comes alive and teaching other children about what we have learned.

I love to paint. In The Adventures of Noah I get to draw some ideas to give them story books just a bit more of a whimsicle touch to add to our real-life adventure. Now how fun it that?

We started when Noah was just one year old and his mom had entered the United States Army. That was the book that kick started everything. “Military Mommy” Published in 2010. I read it at school and libraries all over the country in the past 2 years. Noah goes from age one year to age five. He moves from his southern roots to their first duty station in the Pacific Ocean. Believe me the Hawaiian Island is a great place to start a photographic adventure. Available at

Children in the school have been asking “Where is Noah now?” and “How old is Noah now?” Children got involved with the five year old who was dealing with separations issues and living on the military base. They worried about him when he looked sad as his mom was gone for months at a time. They liked seeing Noah climb trees and swim in the sea. They liked the live presentation, marching with the troops, learning how to salute an officer, and singing God Bless America with grandma Carol and her ukulele. But they were hungry for more and so the Adventures of Noah series was born.

It moved us right into “Noah at Sea Life Park” Book two. There children will see Noah swimming with
dolphins and feeding sea turtles. Noah learns how to preserve sea life from the trainers at sea Life Park and shares that information with his young readers.

“Noah at the Zoo” book three. Noah and his military mommy always go to zoos and in this book there are five great ones to start with including DisneyWorld, Little Rock, San Fransico, Hilo’s Panaewa Rainforest Zoo,and the
Honolulu Zoo. Whereever there are animals, there is a lesson to learn and an adventure to be found.

“Noah’s Big Island Birthday” book four. Here is the tropics, warm sunny weather and a whales to watch out in the ocean. Noah learns how to paddle board and visits Kileaua Volcano National Park where at active volcano and getting ready to blow. There is snow on Mauna Kea Space Observatory and macadamia nuts are delicious with chocolate on them and always best when shared with friends Kai and Kahi.

“Noah on the Farm” book five. We go back on the farm when all the military lifestyle began and see what’s its like on a farm. Growing cotton and rice, riding horses, riasing cows, goats and chichens. Fishing and hunting with grandpa is the best way to pass the time on the farm. We see all the seasons with Noah’s grandparents,supporting the troops along the way. Watch out! there are tornados in the south, but his grandma has a plan for when the next one comes to the farm. Read and find out.

The Adventures of Noah books.Elementary age school children ages 4 through 6th grade enjoy these stories. Read the books, Suport our troops and write Noah a letter in care of
God Bless America
-Carol Dabney

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